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Sandra McElwaine Interview With Winston Groom

Winston Groom may be best known as the author of ‘Forrest Gump,’ but he’s also an astute and entertaining military historian. He talks about three key figures in World War II.
Interviewing Winston Groom is not really an interview. It is a genial conversation filled with witty asides and delicious anecdotes delivered in a honeyed Southern accent by a master storyteller from his home in Point Clear, Alabama.

Celebrated for his iconic novel, Forrest Gump, the 72-year-old author, historian, and journalist talks about his 20th book, The Generals, a compelling work of nonfiction encompassing the lives of three extraordinary men: Douglas MacArthur, George Patton and George C. Marshall.

I first was interested in fiction in the great war novels of WWII, and I had the distinct honor to know those guys—James Jones who wrote From Here to Eternity, Irwin Shaw who wrote The Young Lions, Kurt Vonnegut who wrote several pieces, Joseph Heller who wrote Catch-22. They were neighbors of mine in the Hamptons, and friends.

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