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Smooth golf writer helps lift Low Country out of the sand trap

Charles Price, who is one of seven personalities being inducted into the Golf Hall of fame, could write as well as his friend Bobby Jones could swing the golf club. As soon as he solda story for $1,000 to The Saturday Evening Post, he quit his job at the Washington Star and climbed into the high-wire act of freelance writing.

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FYI - Some New Alumni Members

We've gotten some unexpected new alumni on our Facebook group - Relatives of I.William Hill and Newbold Noyes:

Joyce Hill Stoner and her sister, Roxane Hill Hughes who adds "Besides being Bill Hill's elder daughter, I worked in the Women's Dept when Lee Walsh was Women's Editor, with Ann Cline, Vi Faulkner, Isabelle Shelton, Amy Young, Daisy Cleland, Ruth Dean, Frances Lide, Pat Simmons and Eleni. Also, as a kid, went to lots of Senators games with Jerry O'Leary and Miriam Ottenberg! Fifi Gorska was my aunt. In the days of Mohammed A. Rauf, Jr., too. What a wonderful newsroom gang, not to mention the photo desk guys (and Rosemary)!"

Newbold's son Newbold "Terry" Noyes (who is is working on his fathers Star archives and memorabilia), and ex Daphne B Noyes. Donna Epstein had previously added Lelia Sinclair Dickey Baldassari whose grandmother, Lelia Sinclair Gordon Noyes, was married to Newbold.

Former Washington Star Retail Sales Rep. Keith Flinn appointed Herald’s new publisher

Photo by Marie Dirle/New Jersey Herald
NEWTON — Nearly a year after its publisher retired, the New Jersey Herald has filled the position from within.

Keith Flinn, the daily newspaper's director of advertising and marketing for the last three years, was named publisher by Ron Wallace, vice president of newspapers at Quincy Newspapers Inc., parent company of the Herald, last week.

“This is the culmination and probably the highlight of my career,” Flinn said. “I've always had a vision of someday running a paper, and I wanted to do it in a small community where it is the lifeblood of the community. I certainly think the New Jersey Herald is that to the people of the county.”

Flinn joined the Herald in November 2011 as director of advertising and marketing. Prior to that he was senior vice president of sales at Newspapers First, a sales and marketing company representing the nation's top 40 newspapers. He was also a senior advertising executive at the Los Angeles Times in national advertising and started his career as a retail sales representative at the Washington Star.

Flinn said that working in newspapers is in his blood, as his father worked for Newsday on Long Island for 36 years, and he himself spent many a day in the pressroom and delivered papers too.

Full story: Keith Flinn

Attribution: JOE CARLSON, New Jersey Herald

Lois Romano Rejoining the Post As Editor of WaPo Live

The Washington Post announced that Lois Romano will be leaving Politico to rejoin their staff as editor of Washington Post Live (Twitter).

“Lois rejoins The Post with enormous enthusiasm and a bounty of ideas,” said executive editor, Martin Baron, in the announcement. ”Above all, she understands that our growing events business is an extension of our journalism. That means you’ll find her reaching out to everyone in the newsroom, seeking your help, advice, and participation.”

Romano starts with the Post on Feb. 2 and will report directly to Baron, while working closely with Bob Bierman, general manager of Washington Post Live, Steve Hills and Fred Ryan.

Twitter: @LoisRomano

Full story: Lois Romano, editor of Washington Post Live

Attribution: Damon Marx, MediaBistro