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FYI - Some New Alumni Members

We've gotten some unexpected new alumni on our Facebook group - Relatives of I.William Hill and Newbold Noyes:

Joyce Hill Stoner and her sister, Roxane Hill Hughes who adds "Besides being Bill Hill's elder daughter, I worked in the Women's Dept when Lee Walsh was Women's Editor, with Ann Cline, Vi Faulkner, Isabelle Shelton, Amy Young, Daisy Cleland, Ruth Dean, Frances Lide, Pat Simmons and Eleni. Also, as a kid, went to lots of Senators games with Jerry O'Leary and Miriam Ottenberg! Fifi Gorska was my aunt. In the days of Mohammed A. Rauf, Jr., too. What a wonderful newsroom gang, not to mention the photo desk guys (and Rosemary)!"

Newbold's son Newbold "Terry" Noyes (who is is working on his fathers Star archives and memorabilia), and ex Daphne B Noyes. Donna Epstein had previously added Lelia Sinclair Dickey Baldassari whose grandmother, Lelia Sinclair Gordon Noyes, was married to Newbold.

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