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Judy Bachrach

Judy Bachrach joined Vanity Fair as a contributing editor in 1995. She has profiled Silvio Berlusconi, Harold Ickes, Goldie Hawn, and novelist Patricia Cornwell, among others. She reported on the decision to place Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet under house arrest near London, and covered the Randy "Duke" Cunningham scandal. Prior to joining Vanity Fair, Bachrach was a political columnist with The Washington Star. She began her career as a TV critic at the Baltimore Sun and went on to write for the style section of The Washington Post for five years. Bachrach wrote Tina and Harry Come to America: Tina Brown, Harry Evans, and the Uses of Power (Free Press, 2001).

Photo: Max Hirshfeld
Attribution: Vanity Fair 

WASHINGTON, May 20 --(ZealousPR) Award-winning Vanity Fair writer and hospice volunteer, Judy Bachrach, announced the May 21st launch of her tri-weekly "advice column on dying well," -- the first online advice column for the dying and those who care about them, today. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, beginning May 21, 2008, she will be answering readers' questions and offering advice for anyone needing help on the most critical part of life -- a last act that, because of medical advances and early diagnoses, many of us are consciously living out for months and even years.

Full Story: SunHerald Press Release

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