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Stan Rappaport - 2019 Howard County Women's Athletics Hall of Fame Inductee

Stan Rappaport was having a discussion with his daughter when his question caught the attention of his wife.

“It’s a conversation,” she said to her husband, “not an interrogation.”

The 65-year-old Rappaport can’t help himself. He’s a journalist. One question leads to another that leads to another. Must. Know. Everything.

Rappaport began his career in newspapers in 1965 at the age of 12 delivering the afternoon edition of The Washington Star in his Silver Spring neighborhood. His career ended when he left his position as editor of the Columbia Flier/Howard County Times in 2014.

In between, he worked at the Montgomery County Sentinel, The Washington Star (for three months), The Washington Post (before, during and after Watergate), the Baltimore News American (six years, folded) and The Baltimore Sun (22 years, laid off).

His induction into the Howard County Women’s Athletics Hall of Fame is based on his six years covering girls high school sports in Howard County for The Sun. Rappaport worked tirelessly to produce game stories, notebooks and feature stories. His intent, he said, “was to give girls more coverage than the boys.”

“I was competitive. I wanted to report as often as I could and break stories,” he said.

Covering games was fun because it was unscripted, Rappaport said. “Anything could happen. Sure, there were times when you could predict which team would win, but you didn’t know how it was going to happen. Each game had its own identity.

“Writing features could be more challenging, but the results were worth it,” he continued. “You’re dealing with teenagers, and you always had to remember that.”

Rappaport said he created many friendships with athletes and coaches that he still has today.

Attribution: Stan Rappaport
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