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Winston Groom Is Honored Guest, 29th Annual Vive le Livre Gala on Nov. 19!

The 2015 Vive le Livre is sure to be an event you won't want to miss. Featuring this year's honored guest, Winston Groom, Vive moves to a new location this year at the Jackson Center in Cummings Research Park. A reception and book signing with the author will precede a plated dinner that will be followed by remarks from the keynote speaker.

An Alabama native, Groom is currently promoting his latest book, The Generals. Those who are familiar with Groom's Forrest Gump and The Aviators know that The Generals is an exceptional work of non-fiction about the amazing men in the highest echelon of military leadership during WWII.

Full article and ticket info: Gala

The John Michael Kauffmann Estate Sale

It was an auctioneer’s delight—a longtime single-owner estate and no online buying. The estate was that of John Michael Kauffmann (1923-2014) of Yarmouth, Maine, an ardent and highly effective conservationist, philanthropist, diplomatic courier in wartime Europe, a newspaper reporter for his family-owned Washington Star, a writer for National Geographic, and co-publisher of the Bar Harbor Times.
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Anne Willan - Textbook for cooking a la French goes public

Willan has lived in the United States off and on since the 1960s and has been an American citizen since 1973. She was food editor at The Washington Star and an associate editor at Gourmet magazine — both now defunct.

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