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Submission Period For Fall Newsletter Is Now Underway

FYI - I will be publishing the Fall Newsletter the weekend of September 19th. If anyone has a book signing, new book by alumni, personal update, blog post, gossip, etc., you should get that information to me.

I also encourage any member who has not chimed in to tell us how you're doing, what you're up to, how was your summer, or any plans for the future.

Any new group members who wish to be added to the mailserv list must email me at: from the email you wish to receive the newsletter at.

Star Reunion Fund Closed Out, Put To Good Use

Joan Anderson sent a contribution to Send a Kid to Camp with the balance remaining in the Star Reunion Fund. Steve Aug wanted to close it out. Sandra McElwaine suggested Kid to Camp. The alumni who met Friday at Mr. Henry's agreed. I hope I didn't lay it on too thick in my accompanying letter, which ended with: "So, enclosed is a check for $1,999.73 in memory of our dear departed Washington Star, founder of the Send a Kid to Camp Campaign, positive force in the Washington community, and launching pad for many a fine journalist."