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Why They Fought - For more reasons than you might think, Winston Groom, The Weekly Standard 2013

With all the insane flare-up over the Confederate Flag, I thought it best to re-read a book review by our old newspaper colleague, Winston Groom from 2013, "A Disease in the Public Mind - A New Understanding of Why We Fought the Civil War", by Thomas Fleming.
I would highly recommend reading Winston's review for a lot of insight into why the Civil War has for so long caused people to want to start it up again.

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Newspaper family gives Willamette $1M to build nonprofit studies

George and Colleen Hoyt gave Willamette's MBA program $1 million in hopes of providing scholarships to students looking to take nonprofit management courses from the Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

George Hoyt is a former newspaper publisher who graduated from Willamette in 1958. He's spent time with the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Washington Star and Lesher Communications. Colleen Hoyt spent years in the newspaper and advertising fields.

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