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Patrick Oliphant

LATEST NEWS:  Born Patrick Bruce Oliphant in Adelaide, Australia, in 1935, he knew from a young age that he "wanted to get into the newspaper thing." At 19 he was working as a copy boy at a local paper, the News (which, he notes, had just been inherited by the young Rupert Murdoch ). "They paid three pounds a week, so I soon went to the competition, the Advertiser, which paid 12 pounds a week," he recalls. "After I had been at the Advertiser for a while, they noticed I had a certain propensity for drawing, and they made me a cartoonist." He put in 10 years, and then went as far away as he could, which turned out to be a job at the Denver Post. In 1975, he was hired away by the Washington Star, where he worked until that paper folded in 1981.

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