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Carl Bernstein

LATEST NEWS: CNN’s political additions continue with legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein joining as a contributor, substitute anchor John Berman announced on “AC360″ last night.
Bernstein was an analyst for CNN during the 2008 election season and will now appear across the network’s programs giving political commentary.

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Virginia man revists his 12 Super Bowls

Steve Guback, used to cover sports for the old Washington Star newspaper. But attending Superbowls has been a labor of love, in fact he has been to an even dozen of them.

The first was the Super Bowl 6 in New Orleans

"I can't believe I'm that old," chuckled Steve Guback. "All I remember is the parties.The Super Bowl was 39 degrees."

He recalls, "We weren't dressed, you know, for that kind of weather. But the hotel was really nice and gave my wife a blanket. The Games back in those days were not very exciting. They weren't even sold out in many cases."

But Guback's favorite Super Bowl was Super Bowl VII (7)

"That was the first one the Redskins were in….the town was ecstatic that they made it," said Guback.

Fans know that Washington went on to lose that Super Bowl to the undefeated Miami Dolphins but Guback did see the Redskins win in Super Bowl (XVII 17 1982) and (XXII 22 1987) and though he will not be in New Jersey for Sunday's Super Bowl (XLVIII 48), he believes those who do attend will find a way to stay warm.

"With the temperature in the 20's and low 30's, that's not too bad, they have probably gone to regular season games colder than that," he said.