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The District library’s Washingtoniana division is a treasure trove of D.C. history

Among the pictures catalogued at Washingtoniana is the photo archive of the Washington Evening Star.
The Star is on microfilm at Washingtoniana, too, along with The Post and such defunct papers as the Washington Herald and the Washington Times (the original Washington Times).
African American papers are there, too. You can scan city directories, which once were like super-detailed phone books, complete with the occupation of each resident.
Some of the material is digitized and searchable on your computer from home. That includes the Evening Star from 1852 to 1952, once searchable only via a handmade index. (All you need is a D.C. library card, which you can get even if you don’t live in the District.)
“People are loving having the Washington Star,” said Kim Zablud, special collections manager and boss of the 12-person department. (For decades, the Star was the city’s leading newspaper, often besting the rag you’re reading.)

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