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Former Washington Star writer (for 10 years) Winston Groom will be in DC promoting his upcoming book, THE AVIATORS: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the Epic Age of Flight November 8th. His event is with Hooks Books Events and CQ Roll Call. He will also be back in February for an event at the Smithsonian.

The Aviators tells the saga of three extraordinary aviators--Charles Lindbergh, Eddie Rickenbacker, and Jimmy Doolittle--and how they redefine heroism through their genius, daring, and uncommon courage.

Winston Groom | Page & Palette

The Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild is launching a project called Guild Media Network for writers, freelancers, bloggers, graphic artists, and other media specialists. The new Guild unit will provide professional and financial support for these independent wordsmiths and artists. The network is expected to include a group email, seminars, training, and social events. Benefits will include the whole range of Union Plus consumer discounts and other benefits that the membership identifies, such as dental and vision care, health insurance, and press credentials. Those joining the network include former Washington Post and Baltimore Sun employees. If interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact Calvin G. Zon at 202-785-3650, ext 16, or Please include your email address so I can send you a survey asking you about your present situation and your preferences for what you would like the new network to become.

Myra MacPherson - New Book in March, "The Scarlet Sisters: Sex, Scandal and Suffrage in the Gilded Age"

I have just been made a senior fellow at a small liberal arts college, Juniata. in Pa. at their Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Issues. My work with Vietnam has led me in an amazing direction, including meeting six outstanding American Vietnam Veterans who now work in Vietnam--living in Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Ah Trang, Quang Tri province and Ho Chi Minh City. They are doing great work assisting victims of Agent Orange dioxin poisoning==more lethal than Sarin gas by the way--now found in FOURTH generation children, and land mine victims. Only $200 buys an artificial leg and you can relieve a family caregiver from 24/7 exhaustive duties for just pennies through their program, PROJECT RENEW. PLEASE GO TO THIS WEBSITE TO LEARN ABOUT AND CONTRIBUTE WHATEVER YOU CAN. AND HOPEFULLY WRITE ABOUT IT! I have personal emails for them if any of you writers are interested.

My book, published by 12, the boutique imprint of Hachette Books that does only one book a month, is coming out in March, [hey, what can I say, you wait your turn when it is one book a month] called The Scarlet Sisters: Sex, Scandal and Suffrage in the Gilded Age." It's about Victoria Wodhull and Tennessee Claflin, rambunctious and beautiful, whe became first stockbrokers in the world in 1870, bankrolled by Cornelius Vanderbilt, the richest man in the world who was Tennie's lover. Woodhull ran for president with Frederick Douglass as running mate and Tennie became honorary colonel of a black regiment. They published a radical paper, exposed the alleged adultery of the most famous preacher Henry Ward Beecher, pissed off his sister author of Uncle Tom's Cabin who wrote a scathing roman a clef about them...well it goes on and on...Just returned from Vietnam with a group called Veterans for Peace; including five American veterans who now live in Vietnam, doing God's work about agent orange and mine bomb victims and orphans...An amazing experience. Take care one and all. Myra.