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Henry Bradsher Book - "The Dalai Lama's Secret and Other Reporting Adventures"

Bradsher in the Himalayas in 1961
finding a covert CIA-sponsored
Tibetan guerrilla army
The Louisiana State University Press has published (April 8) in its media series a book by Henry S. Bradsher on various episodes in his journalism career, from reporting Martin Luther King Jr.'s bus boycott to various adventures in India (reporting the India-China border war, tiger hunting with Queen Elizabeth, etc.), and in Moscow (forcing a Khrushchev retraction, blocking blackmail, getting his car bombed by an angry KGB, etc.) -- all for The AP -- and later for the Star in China (being labeled by Beijing the "most despicable" writer on Chinese affairs before being honored for having been right, etc.), in Vietnam (with Kissinger attempting to keep the Star from publishing some inconvenient reports) and Cambodia and the Bangladesh war, in the Middle East, and elsewhere. The book is titled The Dalai Lama's Secret and Other Reporting Adventures, a title derived from coverage of the Dalai Lama when he fled into India in 1959.

Note: Henry occasionally tours with Silversea Cruise Line as a guest lecturer.

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