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"The Tinderbox" by David Holmberg

David Holmberg has a new eBook on Smashwords.  He states "The background to "The Tinderbox" is that I sold it to E.P. Dutton back in '89 but lost the contract when Dutton merged with New American Library. So the same agent who sold it years ago said recently, let's get it out there, finally, as an e-book."

Link:  Smashwords: The Tinderbox
The Tinderbox
Short Description This novel links two shattering events in Miami's volatile history -- a hotel fire in 1977 and race riots in 1989. The riots are triggered by the shooting of a black teen-ager by a Hispanic police officer. Miami Times reporter Mike Baedeker survives the riots after covering the dramatic trial of the officer. But a suspect in the fire has a tragic encounter on the streets of Miami...