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Louise Lague has a new book: Ask Glammy

Louise Lague has a new book: Ask Glammy February 12, 2013

An advice column? What kind of advice? Grown men with teddy bears, jobless children, husbands with roving eyes, a freeloading sister, One-Click shopaholics -- Glammy spares no subject in this compilation of topics from her viral online advice column.
 Who is this cheeky broad and why should I pay attention to her? Glammy has been a buttinsky all her life. Unable to contain her curiosity about human behavior (and misbehavior), she has worked as a professional gossip and a credentialed therapist. Now, as a wag of a certain age, she wants to give back by telling everyone what to do once and for all.
 It's more than words. With nearly fifty illustrations by Danny Popovici (World on a String), Ask Glammy is not only food for thought, but a feast for the eyes as well.

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