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Washington Post's David S. Broder Discusses 'The Impossible Task of Governing'

November 12, 1993, Greencastle, Ind. - "This is, in the end, our government, and to a greater extent than many of us want to admit, it is a reflection of us," Washington Post political columnist David S. Broder told an audience at DePauw University this morning. "What it reflects, particularly at this time in our history, is our own ambivalence." In a Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture, "The Impossible Task of Governing," Broder stated, "I genuinely believe after a lot of years of covering this -- politics and government -- that for all its shortcomings, for all the weaknesses in the institutions that I've tried to describe to you, the responsiveness of the American political and governmental system is still such that when we as voters, as citizens, send a clear and unmistakable message to Washington that this is what we want done, somehow, despite all of these infirmities, the systems does tend to respond and react to that kind of signal. But we're sending very ambivalent signals to Washington today." The address by Broder, 1973 Pulitzer Prize winner for political commentary, took placer at 11 a.m. in East College, Meharry Hall.

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