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Facebook Wall - Tom Hoy, passing

Diana McLellan8:21am Oct 21
Tom Hoy, former prize winning news photographer with the Star, died this morning, Saturday, the 20th of October. Six years or so ago he had beat lymphoma. However just a month ago it came back with a vengeance. When pain management had become too difficult at home, he was taken to Sibley Hospital in DC where he lay in a coma without food nor liquids for seven days. Seven days! Most people capitulate after three days without fluids; but Tom was in good health other than the lymphoma and his heart kept him going along with heavy breathing.
Usually, folks in a coma like that can hear and understand, but not do anything about it. In one of my visits to him in the hospital I whispered a prayer in his ears that announced that there was a big banquet being held in heaven and that they needed a top notch photographer to cover the story. It did not work. He did not accept the assignment for another five days!!!!
Tom was a vibrant guy with a sharp wit and a great sense of humor.
There will be viewing from 5-8pm on Wednesday, the 24th of October in Gawler's Funeral Home on Wisconsin Avenue, NW. The funeral will be held the next day, Thursday, at 10am, October 25, in Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Georgetown with a reception afterward in the Congressional Country Club.
I will miss that guy. We had planned to take a day together and see all the changes to the "new" Star building and the neighborhood around it - a total transformation; but we never got to it. From that we learn that if you're going to get together NOW is the time to do it...or else!
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