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Denis Horgan

New book, "The Bangkok World" - It was a long season of war, of exotic adventures, of Asian aura, beauty and mystery – and of newspapering such as cannot ever happen again. Denis Horgan, as a very young man, found himself suddenly in the middle of it all – as an Army officer, searching for a missing millionaire in the jungles, as editor-in-chief of the Bangkok World only a few years from when his grandest achievement with newspapers was delivering them from his bicycle. ‘The Bangkok World’ captures those elusive days with the spark and energy that created them.

 "Ninety-Eight Point Six ... and other stories" has now been published. This is a collection of short stories centering on identity questions and confusions. It's listed on Amazon, Kindle and will be in some few bookstores -- or through Denis.

Denis Horgan was born in a Boston taxicab during a Thanksgiving snowstorm which didn’t quite make it to the hospital on time. Whether auspicious or merely suspicious, such a beginning is likely to shape how you look on the world.
Denis decided early to look on the world through the eyes of a journalist. Starting as a copyboy at the Boston Globe, he worked in a variety of capacities — reporter, editor, columnist — for the Bangkok World, the Washington Star and the Hartford Courant.
He studied at various colleges with no particular distinction, served as an officer in the Army with even less accomplishment and has committed various do-gooder type things like coaching youth baseball to avoid doing his more meaningful chores around the house.
As a writer, Denis Horgan has won a variety of awards and honors, notably over the past 20 years as a columnist for the Hartford Courant. His principal vice is an addiction to the Boston Red Sox.

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