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Howard Kurtz

Born: August 1, 1953

UPDATE: Kurtz’s Fox News show ‘Media Buzz’ to challenge CNN head-on For those who formerly tuned in on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. to watch Howard Kurtz discuss the media on CNN, there’s good news: He’ll be doing essentially the same thing at the same hour in his new post at Fox News. A release on the new Fox News show, titled “Media Buzz,” includes this description, which sounds exactly like his former show, CNN’s “Reliable Sources”:
“The one-hour show will focus on the state of the news media in addition to the media’s shaping of current events and their role in politics while also featuring interviews with leading journalists and commentators.”

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UPDATE: Howard Kurtz to Anchor 'Fox News Watch'
Kurtz will anchor a version of what is now called Fox News Watch, which focuses on the media, with a new format during the weekends. Additionally, he will serve as an on-air analyst for a variety of programs throughout the week, while also writing a regular column on, commenting on social media news, industry trends and breakthroughs, in addition to looking at how media are used in politics. Meanwhile, Jon Scott, current anchor of FOX News Watch, who won an Emmy for his writing at NBC’s Dateline, will move to the specials unit where he will serve as anchor.

Update: Post Says Farewell to Kurtz - October 5, 2010

The editors of The Washington Post sent out the following note to the staff, wishing the veteran reporter and columnist Howard Kurtz farewell:

    It’s with great sadness that we announce Howie Kurtz is leaving The Washington Post to head the Washington bureau of The Daily Beast.

Full article: Farewell to Kurtz

    Throughout his 29 years at The Post, Howie has taught us all how the medium is the message, marshalling fresh evidence not just daily but hourly about the powerhouses, personalities and opinion-shapers of the media world. Applying intelligence, creativity and an endless well of sources, Howie single-handedly has defined this huge sector, whether he was communicating in newsprint, in books, online or on television. His Media Notes franchise has become the indispensable authority on the players and companies in the center, by definition, of the national debate.

Kurtz was the media reporter for The Washington Post and writes a regular column called Media Notes. He joined the paper in 1981, after the demise of The Washington Star, and has covered urban affairs, the Justice Department and Capitol Hill. He has also served as The Washington Post's New York bureau chief. He has covered the media since 1990.

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